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Bahay na Bato

Bahay na Bato

“Bahay na Bato” or Stone House in Luna, La Union is a major tourist attraction in a not so distant place in the North. Luna, home to pebbled beaches and located near “the” surfing hub called San Juan plus the central town in San Fernando makes La Union a tourist haven. A two-hour drive from Baguio City and an opposed water escape to Baguio’s landscape, La Union fits water buffs.

More than that, the sight of a pebbled beach and a Stone or Pebbled House keeps the place “the spot”. It is a house that was turned into a gallery by its owners. But did you know that the pebbled artifacts showcased there were originally made by a cooperative with its members living in the same area? They engage in pebble picking as a form of livelihood. I do hope that they get enough money’s worth for their efforts.

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