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A Flicker of Hope

“Plogging came from the Swedish word “plaka” while forest bathing came from a Japanese word”… Sir Tim’s words echoed in my mind like a mentor living and leaving a legacy.

This is what has happened today. Talk about another adventure at the Yellow Trail of Camp John Hay. Close to my heart and where I work, it has been the last known forest frontier in Baguio City.

Camp John Hay used to be a rest and recreational place during the American times. Home to various species of flora and fauna.

I could hear myself inhale and exhale as the wind chimes sounded music to my ears with the musing of the forest. Somewhere, water drips dances with the beckoning of the chimes. Mesmerizing me with all its beauty.

I just hugged a tree to release all the negativity. Looked at its roots and saw how it stood tall all those years. Yes, I was tired. Sweating even but my heart is brimming with hope.

There is still hope. I believe in that. I will help nurture it. I will spark however small the flame is. I… we… will succeed. Together our flames will burn and make a difference.

Yes, a living and leaving legacy. My salute to everyone’s willingness. May the fire in our hearts keep burning alive for the causes that makes ourselves whole and our environment full. And yes, there is goodness…

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