Whenever and where ever my feet carries me



“Hahahaha”, a young voice makes a conscious effort. He tried to laugh as loud as he can. It is because, at a young age, he knows laughter is contagious. It fills the senses and touches the soul of every being. Sometimes it starts with a smile – a smile seldom comes from a boy – a boy named Ricky.

His cheeks are be-dimpled. He started with a smile then turned into a silly laughter. The clowns and magicians were there. Everyone was there. Everyone was beyond laughter – they were happy. Such an amazing day.

His mom and dad and the whole family were there. Such a lovely sight to see in the garden. With his playmates enjoying, he goes to them and starts playing with his frisbee. No words could be enough to express his happiness. Words evade him. He couldn’t talk that much but the expression was there.

“I wish we could always make him happy – to protect him and give him everything that could turn a smile into a laughter. I fervently pray for that”, his mom said with a whimsical smile.

“We would always be here for Ricky, no matter what he goes through. We will be – until the autumn”, Ricky’s dad lovingly said.


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