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Beauty of Life

After every rain comes the rainbow. There wouldn’t be any rainbows without the rain.

The same is true for the appreciation of light. How will you be grateful for the light if you do not know what darkness is?

Life is such that we should be grateful for the little and simple things we have. Perhaps a smell of the “Dama de Noche” at night is the savor of a fragrant life.

It is never too late to be contented if we have the right mindset. If you find there is anything wrong, do call some support from anyone. Despite what you think, there will always be a helping hand.

Life is beautiful and whatever you are going through, life shows you rainbows and colors. Find hope by starting within yourself. Be alone if you may but most especially take care of yourself.

Every waking hour is a blessing in itself. Let’s live and despite the hardships, let’s opt to survive!

This goes to everyone who may need it including me.😀

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