Whenever and where ever my feet carries me

Before the Rapids


One by one, blow by blow, the wind and water caresses my face. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. The sunset is casting itself in orange galore with the waves moving violently. It’s past five in the afternoon in Coron and we were laughing hilariously with our nostrils out of the joy and adventure. But we hurriedly fastened our life vests as we hang on to the boat. We shouldn’t have stayed too long in the islands.

The engine of the boat roars wild with the wind. Gushes and rapids of water enters the boat – too strong! One… Two… Three… Splashes hurt my skin. It’s salt water! What do you expect?

After a few swaying of the boat, I was ready to vomit out of nausea. But then we reached land. My grief-stricken face screamed joy and excitement and everything in between. Scared? Yes. Another adventure? Yes, without any second thoughts. Until next time again.

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