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Believe in Sunsets


The sun hovers over the beach. See how it sets the horizons. The yellow and orange sun is magnificent. Like a half crest capping the ocean. Such a pretty sight to see.
Becky asks, “Mom, why do we have sunsets?”
Mom replies, “Observe the skies my child, it is of different hues at different time of the day and seasons of the year.”
Becky, “Why, mom?”
Mom answers, “Sometimes it is bathed with clear skies or dark clouds. It is the natural beauty of things, my child. But what I love most is the sunset”.
Becky says, “Why?”
Mom says, “You are such an inquisitive child at four years old. It is because of its color and the reminder that as another day ends, there will be a sunrise again tomorrow. That there is hope despite trials in life”.
Becky asks again, “Will there be always sunsets Mom?”
Mom tells, “Yes my child, there will always be for you, for me and for your dad. Sometimes, you might not see it because of the clouds but just like me and your dad, we will always be here.”
I tucked her hand in mine and hugged her. This growing child has a lot of tomorrows. I am afraid though. But I will try to believe in sunsets. I refuse to explain it scientifically for I am not versed in Science. But I did it the best way I possibly could, I guess.

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