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Fall for Falls

Fall for Falls

I remember one of our trips outside the Philippines where we went to a certain falls. I forgot the name, but I remember the place well in my mind. There were people of different nationalities there. A certain Cyprus national asked us, “Why don’t you want to bathe in the waters of the falls? We don’t have falls back in Cyprus. How about you?” “We have a lot of falls back in the Philippines and they all are wonderful. Some places you will trek just to reach them.” Point is, the Philippines is amazingly rich in natural resources no doubt! As an island, there is much more the Philippines can offer as to scenic beaches, high mountains and diverse culture. So let me show you a sneak peek at one of our waterfalls in Bohol. I think I’ve lost the names of falls in my head but never the memory of seeing such beauty.

Those who wander are not lost. Sometimes, you just have to be in new grounds to find yourself and experience the thrill of living.”

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    1. Yes we have beautiful beaches here and other scenic views. Hope you could visit someday. 🙂

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