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I love to dance but mind you I do the boring interpretative dances when I was young. But through the years, I’ve managed to pitch in a thing or two or more steps from any types and forms of dances including modern pop dance. I do love music but the music doesn’t love me plus I love the singing but everybody runs away from me as people start to hear my voice. Or maybe, they would come closer to me because they thought I was crying!(lol)

After calling Einstein as Uncle let us call another man a close friend for his thoughts and afterthoughts. He said,

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” 
                                             ― William W. Purkey

This is supposed to be my second day quote challenge but I’ll tweak a few things to allow me to have a night quote challenge. Makes sense, right? Considering that it’s past 8 p.m. from the Philippines. Anyway, I wanted to schedule this post but thought of posting it tonight since I have the pleasure of the time before I go to my slumber. A way of saying good night, I guess.

Back to the quote, I think that we need a little bit of positivism in life that we give our all to the things we do despite the harsh realities that come our way. We all are living proofs that there is a rainbow after the rain. It doesn’t matter how many times we fall down the beaten path but how many times we get up after everything.

As always, a grateful heart is a happy heart so I thank for reaching out. Hey, the Daily Post prompts are saying goodbye but the connections we’ve made are here to stay forever. Let us continue the ceremony (as I may lovingly put it) that the Daily Post has started. Therefore, I’m calling on the blog forces to continue keeping alive this blogging habit. May the force be with you as I nominate…

We know the rules, right? So if you wanted to ride on, please do so. It was a pleasure connecting with all of you! So that’s it for my day. Tomorrow will be even brighter. Good night from this side of the earth!


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  1. Positive vibes! That is something we all need to move further in life when nothing seems to workout.. great post and yes! Happy singing, dancing and blogging 😉

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