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Dare to Speak

“Life is a continuous learning process”.

I recently attended a Public Speaking class. When asked what motto to write I had to write down that life indeed is full of endless learning. I thought I was going to expound on the topic but to my amazement, everyone had to pick from a pot written with various mottos and make an impromptu speech.

What I picked was something like “Study harder to be successful” so all I could say was I finished three degree courses.. And I stopped… I wasn’t sure if that studying made me proud or what!

I was also shy speaking and in my growing years, I often resorted to writing. So my confidence on speaking was not so developed but I try sometimes.

Thanks to Speak 2.0 by Chris Dao-anis, I was able to regain confidence. Even if at times, I don’t know what I was going to say but I guess it’s totally me – being an introvert and all!

I know I need to practice but I’m willing to go an extra mile in doing so. Along the way, I’ve faced challenges and met amazing people and though I have a beautiful mind, we all do survive with an ounce of faith.

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