Whenever and where ever my feet carries me

Dr. McConner


“One… two… three…” “One… two… three…”

The man lays his hand over the chest of another one – doing CPR. He had someone in the crowd tell him to give the unconscious man some space to breathe. It’s crumped in the beach. What do you expect? It’s summer.

The voice of a wailing woman rings in his ears. “Don’t leave us, Teddy. Hang in there.”

A small toddler screams, “Daddy! Wake up!”

Somewhere, another man was telling someone in the crowd that probably the unconscious man had a medical history of some other complications.

The wife, he presumed asked him a while ago, “Are you a doctor?” As she has asked everyone in the beach.

It was a scorching heat at 30 degrees Celsius, the times you needed to hydrate with drinking water. He said, “Yes” as he walked over the unconscious man to give CPR.

The crowd made way for him as he rushed to save a life.

Minutes ago, the now unconscious man was playing in the shoreline with his toddler son. Now, he was unconscious and hardly breathing.

The sunny beach with a happy crowd now draws to a quaint silence.

As he continued laying his hands over Teddy’s chest saying, “One… Two… Three…”.


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