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Father and Son


The gavel sounded like wood clasping another wood. The judge was oft to make a decision. The court was in chaos. Everyone was murmuring and awaiting what the decision was.”Order in the court! Order in the court!”, the judge struggled with composure amidst the noisy crowd.
A few minutes ago, the policemen heavily guarded a man in an orange shirt. He was fifty (50) years old. You can see the white hair and the wrinkled skin as he entered. But more than that, you can see his weary bearded face that has gone through many years of hard work and torture.
Moments after coming from the stairways of the corridors, as he has spent fifteen years in jail. Reporters came to ask him, “how was he?”. He didn’t answer their questions, he kept silent and hid his face in a low nod as he walked through the doors.
A woman was shouting, “You are guilty! You deserve to rot in jail”. Another woman defends him, “He’s not guilty. The evidence was merely hearsay!” More and more people were coming inside the room. Everyone, including his son.
Ever since he was jailed, his wife left him. It’s been 15 years and his son has grown into a young adult. Somewhere, the young adult came in looking at his father as if he didn’t know him. Yes, he has been deprived of a father as he has grown angry at a father he knew was guilty.
His father continues to hide his tears through misty eyes. He makes himself calm. He doesn’t know whether what is worse – to be judged guilty or the distant look in his son’s eyes. Whatever it is, he wanted the ground to open up and be conjured by it. Not because of shame but because he knew he failed as a father.
“His childhood flashed back as his father has told him. The world judges every now and then. A person will be judged guilty in men’s eyes even before he is truly guilty. Life isn’t a fairytale!”

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