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Gender Equality

Gender Equality

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I recently chanced upon the issue of the SOGIE bill or anti-discrimination law which objective is to prevent discrimination against a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. It has been a charade of opinions online regarding the trans-gender who was refused to use the women’s comfort room.

My take? I wouldn’t have been bugged were it not for the advocacy I take in. I think the Philippines is now open on the LGBTQ+. But somewhere, somehow gender equality in the Philippines resonated more of empowering women.

To basically touch subjects on LGBTQ+ means to defy what has been accustomed through traditions and beliefs. To set aside religion as they say. But in all these, I think the bitter question is are we humane enough to do what is good.

It’s not even the rights or the religion or beliefs that separates us to tell us that we are good humans. I believe rights are rights but have we taken into account other people’s rights too?

More so, it is better to condemn the act rather than the person. Better to create solutions than dwell on the problem. In the end it’s all about respect.

I couldn’t forget the planning we had for gender and development, I with my boss was thinking of joining in the pride march. It was just a proposal but there were already objections.

What did we do? We scrapped the plan! To us, objectivity and equality is essential. We respected everyone’s opinion. We realize that people are so diversified. To have an inkling for one means that we do not consider others.

As always, what we need is fairness and justice and respect not only for SOGIE but also for all humans. To create rights doesn’t mean we favor the few. In the end, it’s not even about sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. It’s all about being humane after all.

We don’t need something else to be better humans, it’s something internal within us. Although, I abhor the lack of respect for the trans-gender. I see no need for a law. We as a country is not ready for this I think. You might be saying I’m siding with the straight? No, I just think that giving respect is within us. After all the biological and social aspects may change, but our hearts as humans would never falter.

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