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Girls Run the World

Girls Run the World

Girls, permission to post! 🙂

I pretty much grew up in an all girls high school administered by nuns and met these lovely friends in my prime. Two became doctors, two engineers and one accountant. There were thirteen or more of us and we were more or less the same heights and built except for some transformations every now and then (lol)! Three, including me, ventured into law school, but only one had the law spine in her. It’s been how many years now and we are still counting years of togetherness.

We all are travelers in our own rights. Ashday, for example, has her own wordpress blog also at She loves travelling in Asia and seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan. We have outgrown each other, sometimes with our careers, dreams and aspirations in mind.

I’m usually the quiet and timid one who loves to write poems, draw, lead prayer groups and danced interpretative dance that got my back aching now as I age (lol). I was the nerd and bookworm type! I wasn’t the only bookworm, believe me! Good thing that time, bullying was not much of a worry then or maybe we were bullied but we didn’t know it was bullying then! Jokes were still in good form. We were such good girls.

For us, life goes on and we do survived individually through life’s storms. We have our own stories to share and when we get together we recall those memories. We try to be there for each other no matter how long we haven’t seen each other. After more than twenty years, we still do dine out and laugh and continue to create memories. For indeed, friendships are the most lasting relationship.

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  1. I love this post! Friends are one of our greatest blessings, and friends who’ve seen you through so many life stages are priceless. You published this the day after my daughter’s 12th birthday and I hope she finds this sort of incredible support system.

    1. Thanks. I do hope that for her also. It’s a crazy world growing up and friends happen to make you sane most of the time.

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