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Goodbye, Love


***A response to Too Late

Call me old-fashioned, call me archaic. Even if it aches, I will say goodbye. Goodbye to my childhood friend, my playmate, my best friend.
I knew I was falling for you since like forever. But I don’t know if you will catch me if I tell you so. So for years, I kept mum.
This is the last night of my bachelorhood. I have her in my mind. I have to…
You have shown me friendship through the years. I tried to protect you from your fears. I tried to make you laugh like a clown puts a stop to all tears. I did love you but I could not say a word.
Now, I cannot say a word though all I remember is your smile. If only, have I not been a coward. I could have spent my whole life with you. I have tendered your heart like a fragile vase in many ways. Even after your divorce, I was a shoulder to cry on. But I know I was archaic and crazy in love with you!
I did not tell you, not even a word. I believed that love is not an assumption only friendship is. So I look at the stars tonight, wishing I finally say goodbye to my first love.
Tomorrow you will be in white as my bridesmaid. I wish you happiness as you had wished me happiness. I can see it in your eyes, you are happy. You have told me so many times.
I don’t want to lose you. Friendship is the most lasting relationship I know. So if there’s anything left out of this love, let it be friendship. Goodbye, my childhood sweetheart. Hello, my forever friend. Yes, tonight is the night and everything will be alright or at least I hope so…

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