Whenever and where ever my feet carries me


I am who I am

Take away these fears and tears

I am ashamed – of myself and my past

You call me crazy?

I am neither insolent nor rude

I have just succumbed to the darkness

Walked with my crazy self

I used to shower myself with material things

Change dress to dress, parties to parties

Traveling heretofore

But I hardly found myself

I have subjected myself to hate and self-loathe

But the days are over

The days do shine now

With sunrises and sunsets

I found meaning in my life

I treasured moments and

A helping hand when I was confused

My hands used to be tired and idle

My feet trudged in a fleeting

Only in sadness and tears do I wish to stop…

The true meaning of life is found in gratitude

Gratitude gave me something to look forward to

I used to pity myself

But now I have found joy in sharing

Every bit, I’m willing to share

To inspire that life is worth living for

Let's hear your thoughts.

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