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I Literally Took a Fall

Yes, I literally took a fall and landed on my butt on the floor. Such a body aching sight. The floor was slippery and it was drizzling.

Let me tell you about the famous Baguio weather.┬áIn Baguio there is no summer, ten years ago it used to be cold, cold, cold but now it’s like we’re having the four seasons in one day. The day starts with hot weather turns gloomy and rainy towards the end of the day and becomes cold during the night. You think it’s lovely? Well, I don’t like the rainy part especially when you get to walk around on foot in a mountainous terrain. But anyway, I get used to it. It’s not bad after all, the cool breeze in early January to February gives you the good chills.

I said, I don’t like rain especially when you unintentionally get soaked with water a lot! It makes life more troublesome with the rain coming almost every afternoon and every day. But on the brighter side, I get to spot a rainbow every now and then.

My point? The body aches? Well, no! Falling is inevitable. But what matters is people getting up. As I landed on my poor back, a good Samaritan helped me get up. I managed to thank him although I was limping a little bit on my left side.

Such is life, the struggle is real. But just like every rain, there will be a rainbow somewhere and some day. There will be no rainbows if it weren’t for the rain, right? But after everything, we’re just going to get by! So smile as much as you can and laugh a little louder.

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