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Lost Childhood


A beautiful garden with flowers in bloom – chrysanthemums, anthuriums, daisies, and roses. Children wander so innocently. A child held on to a small tin can. Inside, was a mixture of pressed gumamela flowers and soap. While another child got brittle broomsticks not quite used and made a circle at its top. This is how the children make bubbles in the Philippines.

Another girl clad in hand-me-down clothes looked at the children with relentlessness. With a thousand bubble of thoughts in her head. At a young age, she was forced to work. Sold sampaguitas near the Church so that she could a buy a bread or two to share with her little brother. She and her brother were orphaned at a little age and lived with their grumpy aunt. Both were forced to work in order to have something to eat.

The girl puts down the “kariton” or wooden wagon bearing plastic bottles and collected junks. She walks over to the children and joins them. She burst each bubble made by the other kids. For another instance in her life, she was an innocent child playing. But after a few minutes, she suddenly stopped, realizing that she left the wagon near the sidewalk.

Without any word, she turned her back and called her brother from afar. She knew there was no other way, they had to sell the plastic bottles and collected junks in a nearby shop.


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