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Making Connections

It was an ordinary day in Baguio City with the cold weather and some rain for the rainy July. The aircon was also freezing cold at the Holiday Inn Hotel here at Baguio.

I came here to be empowered and motivated for all the right reasons. Somehow, Facebook page was the greatest revelation and the topic of it all. But I don’t mind it at all considering that Facebook is the first thing I do read every waking hour through my mobile phone. This perhaps is one of the testament to the fact that the Philippines is home to billions of avid Facebookers. Is Facebookers even a word?!

Silly me, got informed on the organic and paid ads on Facebook! But I guess, I was not alone for I afforded myself to play silly Boomerangs with my batchmates. Hello to GH ’98 from all around the world.

Everything was a continuing connection – from Facebook to bonding with friends and seeing empowered women. I guess though, #ConnectedWomen is all about that – CONNECTION! I can’t wait to see some evolutions for the empowerment of women as a community.

I’ll be waiting!

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