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Melancholy for the Earth

“What have we done to this earth?

Have we fed our souls and forgotten

That this earth is not ours and will never be ours”.

Years ago, Al Gore talked about the polar bears trying to leave melting icebergs turning into seascapes through the Inconvenient Truth film. Years ago I was part of a Climate Change committee needed to assess measures to care for the environment. Years have passed, what happened after then?

Now, the polar melts are more evident. Oceans and seas going boiling. Volcanoes erupting and the Amazon forest burning. What else is happening?

Trees are being cut to make way for industrialization. Agricultural lands turned into commercial leases. The monsoon rains are acting like powerful storms in the tropics. What’s next?

What can we do in all these things? These are “force majeure” or acts of nature. We can’t do anything or can we?

I have recently engaged myself in various tree planting activities, paneled students theses on solutions to bark beetles tree infestations and pushed for segregation and recycling livelihood programs.

My town in Baguio City turned a garbage mountain into a recycling machine venue with an intention to make it an art space. Tree plantings were simultaneously made.

So if you are asking can we do something? The answer is yes! We can start in simple ways after all, great things start from small beginnings.

I do not post to tell what has been done and not done. I just wish that from our own ways we become part of the solution!

“Nature is not given but rather borrowed. Let not greed impede what is left for the future generations.”

I hope it’s not too late!

Plant More Trees!

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