Whenever and where ever my feet carries me

Ms. Sheninigan


She entered through the paneled doors with a rush and a thug. She was holding books on her left hand. The other hand clasping the door. It was way past her class. Too much for not being able to sleep last night because she watched again the same movie for the nth time.

It was her dream, after all, to be a lawyer in pink. However, she wore to class her white shoes which is not so white after all. She had mismatched socks – the ones well hidden in her sneakers. She was in a hasty dream thinking she could wear a paired suit someday. She didn’t take anything for breakfast that day. Not because she was on a diet or in a hurry. Chances are her professor would scold her.

True enough, Ms. Sheninigan did. She pointed her hands at her and stared with angry eyes. She was a terror. It was one of those times where she wanted to cry because she was wishing for the ground under her to swallow her. It was shameful. She knows it was her fault being late for such a lame reason? She could not tell anyone that she daydreamed every day and dreamed every night an impossible dream.

But that was the last she heard of her, an ebbing memory of years lost. Ms. Sheninigan has fought for years an ailment she was diagnosed years ago. She died due to a heart attack. She would not forget her – never!

With the turn of the days, she remembered how Ms. Sheninigan said that a person must be like a falling leaf, that one must leave a memory – a legacy. Like a leaf falling, it sways with the wind. Life is but a flow but one must be able to leave significant footprints. Yes, she was a mentor to her unknowingly realizing it until it dawned on her after they lost her.

Now, she is in court out to defend a client in a criminal case. She couldn’t believe how much Ms. Sheninigan had influenced her. Yes, Ms. Sheninigan was a mentor. A memory that has brought her where she is now. She will be forever thankful. Now, the lawyer is off to work. So much for daydreaming. This is now a reality.


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