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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”-Mark Twain

The first time I tried a zipline was in Pugad, Pugo La Union. I got stuck in the middle. An attendant had to pull that somewhat kind of a pulley because I got stuck in mid-air! The attendant said it was because of my light weight then and the distraction of the wind. Imagine my horror being stuck in the middle with the zipline hanging over my head while I was sort of planking? The view was from one mountain to another.

The second-time I tried a zipline was in Subic, Zambales. It was pretty fast that’s why perhaps they call the ride “Superman”. Well, I felt like Wonderwoman flying! I am not your average noisy girl and when I got there while my friend was screaming her heart out. I was like silent and breathing in and out. Good thing, it was only for 15 minutes over trees.

So do you think the silent and afraid me regretted it? No, I didn’t. If I regretted it, then, I would not have been here sharing the story. The experience remained vivid in my mind. What do you think I should try next? Bungee jumping? Para-gliding?

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to do things. I would rather do things for the sake of experience rather than backing-out on it early not to have experienced at all. But, not to the expense of others and of course safety. Being brave is not for the faint-hearted.

So at this juncture, I want to commend atara of who gave me a heads up to do another 3-day quote challenge. Perhaps, I would tweak a few again to give time for a night challenge!:-) My gratitude for nominating me! Hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy reading your works.

I can’t think of anyone else who wants to do the challenge. It seems everyone has done it already! You know, I just checked my following. So if you happen to read this, my challenge goes to you. Yes, YOU whoever wants to accept this challenge!

I also want to direct you to my travel buddy flying anemone at Do check out her blog!

Anyway, I would still be writing the quotes until I finish the three days. It’s fun connecting with you all and you have inspired me in many ways!

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