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Rivulet of Youth


In the middle of the forest. I chanced upon a rivulet. Like water in the desert. I got down on my knees, touched the waters and saw my reflection in it. I see young eyes bewildered, young lips lusciously pink and a face so small with a slightly lifted nose. I was a child again – happy, smiling and eager to breathe the air and the water that dangles down to the passing river down there. I am beautiful, young and delighted!

But it was all a mirage. My skin is all scarred and bruised and wrinkled. My eyes almost seeming to a half-close. My dry lips chapped with the wind breeze. My nose freckled – a testament to the scorching heat. I am old and weary.

I wanted my youth back. Back to the rivulet of youth where I can bathe my weary skin. But my mind is still as sharp and my heart stutters and murmurs like that of a child. I may be old, scarred and bruised but I will always be young. For I carry every memory with me back then with a contented smile.

I will need the rivulet of youth to remind me that I have come far in life. That I have lost, loved and loved again. That is all there is to that rivulet. And I have used it to live and learn. It was a mirage after all!

Now, I look in the mirror to see the truth and I am glad for who I am – not perfect for perfection is a thing that is beyond. For I believe I have a good soul who had brought smile on pouting lips all because of love.

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