Whenever and where ever my feet carries me

Stars and Tides


I sat at the shoreline looking at the stars at night. Like a philosopher wondering how and why the stars do light. Amazed at the constellations, like a scientist ecstatic at a new discovery.

In a not so far away nook, I hear the murmurs of the wind. Encompassing the day and the humming that whines. Like a melody to my ears the tides do sing.

The songs they sing were made by the mermaids. Every tide, every wave is a song beautifully made. Like a lullaby, it brings me to sleep as I lay in a hammock by a tree.

“O tide, tell me the secrets of the sea. Share to me stories of the mermaids and the pirates you see. O sing to me until I sleep with the valiant stars of the darkness that feeds. Bring me into the arms of Morpheus!”

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