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Surreal Memory

Surreal Memory

I love basking in the sun and lying down on the sand. Although I don’t have that beach body at least I have a body minus the beach and more – I’m with my beach buddies (lol)!

Years have indeed come and gone but there have been many stories to tell, travels to make and friendships to save. I enjoy travelling with the closest people around me and sometimes, it’s not the destination but rather the people who you are with.

Also, I know solo backpacking has its perks but I still prefer to go in groups. I’m sure everyone has traveled near or far – for business, leisure or a mix of the two. But whenever we come back, we are not the same persons anymore because our destinations has changed us – either a story to tell or an experience to share.

The scenery has changed me, it made me appreciate the beauty of nature. Sometimes, photographs would show jump shots or in the case of other blogs, maybe a cartwheel like Bianca Gonzalez used to do in her travels as @iamsuperbianca. In this shot, we preferred the leg crunch look – a morning exercise perhaps (lol).

As always, the beauty is surreal as one has commented upon seeing this picture. Yes, it is dreamlike as if unreal. But know, that natural beauty is all around us if we learn to appreciate the simplest things in life!

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