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The Journey

The Journey

I don’t know how to put it. I just have gone into being “writing inspired” and then just pfftt… my writing got deleted (lol)! So I got to write again (is that good or bad?). Actually, I’m trying to sell this site (I put it at the auctions) for I figured I couldn’t hold up for the price of keeping up this website. But thanks to writing and perhaps the inability (lol) of this site to be bought. I once again, find the courage to write. Thanks to my prodding friends. I couldn’t have asked more (Or should I)?

Writing has been a part of my life, I pursued it but I don’t know if it did pursue me. I just hope my affection with writing is a mutual feeling (lol). If you’re a stalker which I hope you are not and just a passers-by reader (lol), you’ll get across my blogs some nineteen (19) years ago. Yes, I’m ancient but I don’t regret it ever – it keeps one young at heart (not that I say I’m one at that)!

I am a travel blogger and I have done so in the past years to search for the meaning of life! And yes – I have found it! It is one for sharing! I write a few insights hoping to inspire and put a message somewhere that hopefully sticks with you. I know, I’m not good at making people smile or laugh, but I hope you find reasons to be inspired whatever you are going through. I hope you believe in “This too shall pass” as I have believed in it over the years.

Lately or most of my life (of course), I’ve met various people who have been moved by their causes. No matter how simple or small you think your act is – it can create impact to other people. If there’s anything I am grateful for – it is that, I have a lot to share. And yes, I love learning. I believe that I will be forever a student of life – a learner at that!

I also believed in the uniqueness of an individual that there is strength in diversity. Whatever, you put in this moment is totally you without pretensions. Uniqueness always brings something to a team.

Now, I hope to travel some more (Now, I’m crossing my fingers) in between work holidays in the Philippines and until then I’ll share it. I will always have some “blah… blah… blah” in between. I also figured that words are just words. So I’m planting trees and supporting my friends’ causes. And yes, action speaks louder than words. And when I have writer’s block I’ll put my hands to good use elsewhere.

So there goes my “blah…blah…blah”… Until then, my friends. A virtual hug for you!


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