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The Magician


He came in a some what black tuxedo with a cape and a black hat. He wore a white shirt inside, I think. His shirt is neat and grabbed my attention because of such contrast. If he gets out of the cape, I’m sure he would look just like any ordinary man in black and white. But with his mask on, he was like Zoro. When he came out from the curtains, he held a wand with white gloves. I wonder what tricks up his sleeves will he show the crowd, with the right sleeve as he is right handed.

He took off the hat and put on a white handkerchief inside. He folded it and put it inside the hat. He pointed his right hand with his right sleeve into the black hat. In the blink of an eye, he pulled out a dove.

The crowd cheered at his trick. I wonder what next trick will he do under his sleeves!

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