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Two Rebels


He was handsomely rugged in a way – screaming masculinity. The words he uttered were mischievous like he came out from a magazine out of the Medieval times. He was like a rogue like Robin Hood or a knight in shining armor riding on his own horse. He was a rebel – a rebel to the world. He had rugged palms – calloused and over-worked but he was a gentleman to few. He has become a successful man with his wit and humor. He was a paradox – a dashing bachelor at 30. He was an atheist and cursed a lot.

She was  a beautiful damsel in distress – shy and silent. She never said a bad word although the world took advantaged of her. She was pretty and everything nice. She liked flowers and anything deity. She was like a goddess in Mythology – an Aphrodite or a Venus. She came from a rich family – like that of kings and queens. Yet she was a rebel in her own way – valiant and free-spirited.

They were a contrast. But tonight in a party, destiny has brought them together. Like the East meets West, like sunrise and sunset – man and woman and woman and man. They fell in love like the ones you saw in movies – love at first sight. Do you believe in love at first sight? Tonight they did and others thought so too!

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