Whenever and where ever my feet carries me



The beautiful pine trees, the misty morning mist and the cold weather is home to me. The log cabins and the nearby river seems a scenic view that my mind has captured. It was a true beauty even in winter where snowcaps shaded the forest.

It was the flora and fauna, the miniature animals trying to hide at their self-made igloos. It was winter and the forest was still. It was such a fun time to get chunks of driftwood by the river banks. I got the logs and set a bonfire. It was what made me warm. I have been alone for years now but I can’t go back to where I once were. It’s too complicated.

My wife had hated me for leaving them. I didn’t want to leave them but I feared for their own sakes. I thought hard about it many times in this same forest from winter to autumn until I finally realized that the danger is gone. I tell myself, “the heck, I’m going home”. I put down the coffee half-filled without knowing what to expect.

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