Whenever and where ever my feet carries me

Walking Away 2


“I don’t need you!”, he told me as I tried to hold him back while he walked away. I have told myself the best thing to do is walking away. But I hurriedly ran after him so that he could forgive me.But the words he uttered, cut me to the core. I know, I had left him ten years ago but I didn’t deserve this treatment. His words were like a knife that cut down my throat.
I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t utter a word. I was speechless. My breathing became deep and heavy, I was gasping for air. I felt a pang of pain in my chest. I don’t know what is worse – emotional pain because of anger, wanting acceptance, forgiveness or the physical pain in my chest and the gasping for air until slowly, I felt shaky and dizzy. I heard someone called out to me, “Mother!” as I felt numb and lifeless.

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