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With a heart: An advocacy

With a heart: An advocacy

Part of my life is working for an advocacyor advocacies and I think even my work has brought me to it. Doing meaningful events is the haven for me. Sometimes, a happy moment but sometimes a down time. Anyway, the experiences I get along the way are the greatest learnings I ever had and it makes everything so worth it.

I recently hosted on the sidelines a Breast and Prostate Cancer Awareness Activity at John Hay with ICanServe Foundation. I wasas brimming with joy for the supprt and the advocacy shared by Maam Marivic Bugasto, a cancer warrior herself. Cheers to your advocacy. I haope we can do more as time goes by! Of course, the free clinical screening won’t be successful without my colleagues and everyone whose intentions were vividly true. Kudos everyone!

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    1. Hi Atara! Sorry my reply took so long. It’s too late to get back on that mystery blogger award. I had intentions of not keeping this website anymore. But on second thoughts, viola! I miss writing so here I am at it again!

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